Non-Baidu Search Engines In China

When people talk about Baidu SEO updates, they’re referring to the adjustments and algorithm upgrades made by Baidu, China’s most popular search engine, to better SEO practices and website rankings. The goal of these improvements to Baidu’s SEO tools is to improve the search engine’s usefulness to users, to improve the quality of the search results displayed, and to increase user confidence in the results displayed. Keeping up with these changes is essential for webmasters and digital marketers who want to do well in Baidu’s search results. Sogou is a Chinese multinational IT firm that develops and markets search engines around the world. Sohu, China natives Drs. Xu Long and Wang Xiaochuan founded the company in 2004. Sogou was founded in 2010, and it has rapidly expanded to become one of China’s most prominent online businesses. The Sogou search engine is second only to Baidu in popularity in China. The product bundle consists of a web browser, an input device, and marketing materials. A major player in the Chinese internet market, Sogou is often viewed as a threat to Baidu. Sohu, Tencent, and Alibaba, three of China’s largest internet companies, have all invested in the startup. Sogou is a staple of China’s booming smartphone market. The firm’s search engine comes preloaded on a large number of Android devices in China. A portable web browser and keyboard are also offered by Sogou. Sogou is a firm that you can buy shares of on the New York Stock Exchange.

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