A great hot air balloon ride in Dubai

Dubai hot air balloon rides are a unique experience. It is amazing to see the sun rising or setting over the golden-hued deserts from above, but it’s even more spectacular to view this scene from a hot balloon. Anyone should plan a trip to Dubai to see the largest sand dunes in the nation from the air. Hot air balloon rides in Dubai and marriage proposals from hot air balloons are becoming increasingly popular. Dubai is the fourth most visited place in the world and one of the biggest cities. This city is home to many adventure-seekers and party-goers, so hot air ballooning is a must.Experience Dubai’s desert life like never before with a thrilling dune buggy Tour from Buggy Ride Dubai Desert Adventure. Whether you are visiting or already reside there, taking one of our thrilling trips through the desert should be on everyone’s bucket list. Luxury Desert Adventure can arrange thrilling tours for you and your family at an unbeatable value with our powerful two-seater or self-drive buggy rentals. Make your Dubai trip one to remember with one of our exciting dune buggy rentals today.We now offer the finest ATV rentals. These offroad side-by-side vehicles are great for riding rough terrain and have high ground clearance. On our luxury desert safari in Dubai, you can also rent an ATV. An ATV is a quad-wheeler while a buggy more closely resembles an off-road vehicle. For motorsports fans, try out our dirtbike-motocross Yamaha or go on an exhilarating dune bashing activity with your 4×4 Land Rover. Choose between Can-Am Maverick or Polaris dunes buggy depending on group size – 2 seats or 4 seats are best suited. All 1000cc buggy models can be hired along with either fully automatic or four wheel drive systems available, making this tour ideal whether traveling alone or as part of a group.Dubai is known for its glitz and glamour, towering skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and designer shopping. However, there is another side of buggyridedubai that many visitors don’t often experience, and that is the beautiful desert landscape that surrounds the city. One of the best ways to experience the beauty of the desert is through a hot air balloon ride.

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